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Round 4 Feedback Poll

Alright, so I'm finally getting around to the feedback poll. Sorry for the delay. Moving went well. :)

I'm not going to ask how you guys liked the team set-up because I found it a little frustrating myself for various reasons - so I don't need to hear how much you guys liked/disliked it. That set-up will not re-occur in future rounds. The next normal round won't be until August/September as there's going to be a very special joint round with shoujo_battle in June/July. More details on that soon. :)

When Round 5 starts up, we'll be doing things a little differently - there will be negative points. As such, I'd like your thoughts on what additional ways you all would like to earn points. See the question in the poll to leave your answers to that.

Please be completely honest in your feedback, I want to be able to make round 5 a great round.

In all questions with checkboxes, please select all that apply! Also, even if you did not participate in a challenge, feel free to inform me which challenges you liked and disliked. :D

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Round 4 Showcase

Below the cut you'll find all the icons from this round paired with the character who made them, and their real identities. As usual this was an excellent round and I'm glad so many of you decided to participate and actually stuck through the round. You made lots of beautiful icons (some of which I plan to snag) and I hope to see you all in round five!

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04-08: Voting

Welcome to challenge 8 voting!

4 out of 4 participants have submitted. Congrats to everyone for submitting and making it all the way to the finals.

Participants are not allowed to vote. Placements will be decided by the total number of points earned through the votes on this challenge only.

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